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Note: You must be 21+ to purchase vape products.

To keep you coming back, we offer super kind and helpful customer service, and provide only high quality products at affordable prices.

  • All our hemp oil products are 100% legal, multi-spectrum, hemp based oils.
  • We hand pick our vendors so all of your choices are of superior quality.
  • Ordering and Shipping is fast and discrete.

Our goal at Bhangers™ is simple. Make more people aware of the tremendous benefits hemp and cannabinoids have for people and planet. We do this through our awareness resources, social media outreach, and by sharing and promoting the products we ourselves use to great benefit and enjoyment.


  1. […] Hemp Oil Newbie Starter Packs – Bhangers. Vape Starter Kit Includes: Hemp Hookahzz 30ml bottle of E-Liquid / 300mg or 600mgFREE – Rechargeable 510 E-Cig Kit (save $19.98!) Testimonials: “I Started using sublingual/vaping two months ago and CBD just works for me. It provides me with a strong sense of clarity and helps to ease unnecessary stress. I sleep better, have a better time working, and function better socially. Just wanted to share my story as I know someone might share a similar situation.” […]

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