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Where to Find the Best Quality CBD Oil

High-quality CBD oil is great for helping with a wide range of conditions. If you’re considering making a CBD oil purchase for the first time, it’s important to do your research, check your sources and labeling, and have confidence in not just the retailer you’re purchasing it from, but the manufacturer of the oil you’re consuming as well. Make the wrong choice and you risk wasting money on an impure oil that doesn’t deliver on its promises or worse, makes you sick as a result of questionable filler ingredients.

Know Your CBD Retailer

Whether you’re making a CBD oil purchase in-store or online, check for the retailer’s product guarantees and quality standards. It’s crucial for these products to go through lab testing to ensure they’re free of residual solvents, fillers, or chemicals.

Know Your CBD Brand

The manufacturer is even more important than the retailer, as it’s where the creation of the product actually occurs. When it comes to extracting CBD from raw plant materials, the purest and cleanest way is through supercritical CO2 extraction. Always choose oil extracted from organic hemp plants, assuring the final product is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Check Your Labels and Pricing

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, and so are regulations that would ensure quality control and consistency. There is no official label requirement, a loophole allowing money-hungry businesses to slap a label on one thing and call it another. All of our products are labeled with lab-tested results, so you’re never left doubting what you’re buying.

Price is another indicator of a product’s quality. In this case, “you get what you pay for” is more relevant than ever. If you’ve found an oil with a price far below the average competition, it may be a sign that they’re cutting corners during the production process.

The good news is that with a small bit of research, it’s easy to figure out what you’re looking for when buying quality CBD oil. Check out our selection of oils, tinctures, balms, capsules, and more.

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