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Is Hemp Extracted CBD Legal in All 50 States?

The question “is CBD legal” goes back and forth a lot. We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest news and information on CBD and cannabis law. Please comment below if you have questions or concerns. Is CBD Legal: Latest News and Updates DEA: Feds won’t arrest CBD oil users, neither should Indiana Excerpt from Interview:…

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Medical Marijuana’s Research Roadblock: The Federal Government

Promising new research into medical uses of cannabis has shown that marijuana may hold the key to treating Alzheimer’s disease. This is long overdue; research has been the biggest setback in medical marijuana developments and the government has been the biggest roadblock in research. Marijuana is still listed as a Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA)…

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Legalization of Industrial Hemp in the U.S.

Legal CBD, Legality of HempCurrently marijuana and marijuana derivatives are considered Schedule 1 drugs. However, this does not apply to hemp derived products. Although the DEA doesn’t regulate hemp derived products, they do regulate hemp cultivation.

Background on the Hemp Food Controversy

After extensive meetings and discussions with most of the major hemp food companies, seeds_oilsit became clear that according to the official Health Canada testing protocol these hemp food companies’ products generally did not have any detectable THC and should therefore remain perfectly legal for resale and consumption.

State of Washington Will Conduct Cannabis Research in Violation of Federal Law

We all know by now that the hemp and cannabis is not the evil, hateful drug it was once made out to be. After decades of smear campaigns you still can’t hold back the truth that hemp and cannabis are here to help.