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Where to Find the Best Quality CBD Oil

High-quality CBD oil is great for helping with a wide range of conditions. If you’re considering making a CBD oil purchase for the first time, it’s important to do your research, check your sources and labeling, and have confidence in not just the retailer you’re purchasing it from, but the manufacturer of the oil you’re consuming as well. Make the…

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Industrial Hemp & the Vagaries of Federal Law

If maximizing CBD-rich oil output for product formulation is the objective and the best plant sources are federally illegal because of a minuscule amount of THC, then perhaps it’s time to call things by their real name. It’s not industrial hemp that’s growing when American farmers harvest their cannabis crops before full maturity to minimize THC content. These are high-resin, CBD-rich drug plants, albeit the non-euphoric kind—in essence, marijuana that doesn’t make you feel high. And marijuana is still prohibited under federal law.