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About Bhangers

Peace, Love, and BhangersBhangers is dedicated to bringing you top quality and unique hemp products and lifestyle accessories. We believe that by ‘sharing the kind’, together we can make the world a better place.  That means something different to everyone, but to us it’s as simple as sharing something nice with someone else. In the end we are all just one big, and sometimes a little too happy, family!

The word “Bhang” is a Hindi term for a preparation of leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant.

  • Ancient use of Bhang dates back to 1500-2000 BC, and is probably one of the oldest nutritional foods and drinks still regularly used in the world today.
  • Bhang is described as a beneficial herb.

The urban definition of “Bangers” is: “If a Song is extremely tight or just unbelievably awesome. It is a banger.”

Bhangers stands for:

  • exceptional quality
  • natural lifestyle
  • leave things better than how they were found
  • enjoy quality relationships and great adventures

We don’t promote the use of cannabis if it is not legal where you live, although we do advocate for legislative changes to enable full-spectrum cannabinoid availability to those whose lives depend upon it.

The Endocannabinoid System

Only 20 years ago, scientists discovered that a central component of the health and healing of every human system (and most animal systems too) is the Endocannabinoid System. This endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiological system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids occur naturally in the human system and their receptors are found throughout the body in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis.

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The Bhangers marketplace provides you assurance that you are purchasing a quality product at the best price possible. We do not sell anything that has not been tested and qualified.

  1. What you see is what you get.
    Guaranteed Quality: All of our multi spectrum CBD and CBN supplements undergo annual lab analysis verifying ingredients. We also pay close attention to customer feedback.
  2. What you get is effective and legal.
    The multi-spectrum cannabinoid (CBN / CBD) based products made available here are legal in all 50 States. We do not carry any products that contain an active level of THC.


It’s about more than just running a business; it’s also about lifting up a community.

In many parts of the world, cannabis users have endured stigma and criminalization. By promoting a healthy cannabis lifestyle brand, Bhangers seeks to improve the overall cannabis image and help people who are in need of safe alternatives to traditional health therapies.

“You can’t give what you don’t have. Improve/help/love yourself properly, because only by doing so (or at least trying to) will you truly gain the potential to affect others and make the world a better place.” – Anonymous

Bhangers was founded in early 2016, so we are a young brand. Our vision will likely evolve over time as we mature and interact with the community. But initially, our community service endeavors include:Chillin like a Villan

1. Legalization advocacy, including “Grow Your Own” legislation, making it legal for hemp to be grown in the United States.

2. Holistic health advocacy, including the promotion of healthy school lunches for children.

For more details on how we fulfill our mission and goals, please contact us. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.